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Recipe Roundup

Posted by alicia on May 24, 2012

Time to round up some recipes! For the most part, I’ve been cycling through my old recipes that have already been posted. However, these past few weeks, I have been making a push to try out some of the recipes that I’ve flagged from blogs and such. Evidently we’ve spent a lot of time eating and not too much time taking photos. Oh, well, here’s what I’ve been trying…

Wheat-free Food Adventures

Epicurious Meatballs with Parsley and Parmesan (minus the breadcrumbs for us): My sister Paige sent this recipe our way promising us it would be awesome…and it was! Nixing the breadcrumbs was no biggie at all. I added a bit of Italian seasoning to make sure there was plenty of flavor. Keeper! Also, we made half of the batch in a skillet with oil and the other half was baked in the oven. The baked version was easier and still good. The skillet batch was a bit more hands on but tasted even better with the crunchy exterior! Hard to say which way we’ll go next time…

TGIPaleo’s cauliflower pizza crust . It’s pizza crust made from cauliflower. Let’s just say I wouldn’t make this for company (because I don’t want them to know I do weird things like make pizza crust from cauliflower), but we can also say that I ate every last bite before Mitch even got to try it.

Carrot N Cake’s OMG banana pancakes: Yes! Most of the pancakes I’ve made without wheat flour either fall apart or are just generally disappointing. These, however, were easy to flip and delicious.

Nutritionella’s Healthified Buckeyes (I substituted almond meal instead of graham cracker crumbs for us…definitely a nutty taste as opposed to an overall sweet taste): Mitch fell to the floor and yelled “Some things are sacred!” in disappointment when he figured out that I had made buckeyes WITHOUT sugar, wheat, or butter. However, chocolate and peanut butter are always a match made in heaven for me, and I will eat every one of these buckeyes and be quite happy about it.

Home Cooking in Montana’s Good Morning Bread (I opted out of the oat bran and used coconut oil in place of butter): I thought that this bread was really delicious, and I loved how the seeds and nuts give it a multigrain flavor without actual grains. Honestly, it’s hard to make bread without flour, and this recipe is MUCH better than many of the coconut flour breads, etc. that I’ve tried. I’m a fan. Mitch says that once every 7 years he’s allowed to not eat one thing I make–this was his one. And the last one was the first meal that I made him seven years ago with bay leaves crushed up on top (and actually he still ate that and said “Ohhhhh, crunchy” but we were dating and he had to impress me by chowing down and holding his tongue).

Our one wheat-full adventure:

Kevin & Amanda’s Gooey S’mores Cookies: Oh, wow! If you like s’mores and you like cookies…these are a must!

2 Responses to Recipe Roundup

  1. Cindy Ammons

    The Gooey S’mores cookies are delicious! I’m delighted to have this recipe.


  2. Paige

    Thanks for the round-up and for the shout-out on the meatballs (Bharat should really get the credit on that one)! I am intrigued by the cauliflower pizza crust. I think we’ll have to try that! I was going to yell at you for being too healthy, but I’m glad you have the gooey s’mores cookies in there!

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