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Tortillas and peanut butter

Posted by alicia on April 16, 2013

I reached an all-time culinary low this week. I realized this as I stood in the bathroom swaying Sweet Cheeks (to benefit from the hum of the bathroom fan) and eating tortillas dipped in peanut butter with the other arm as Baby Cupcake napped in her crib…

Oh, man. PB with tortillas. In the bathroom. Something I highly DON’T recommend. Oh, well.

Here’s a quick guided tour of things around here.

Our freezer stash is just about gone.

The freezer stash was nice while it lasted.

I am the proud owner of a microwave. Why, yes, it does make life quite a bit easier. Who would have guessed? And so my love of Amazon continues…

Did you realize this amazing invention can reheat leftovers REALLY quickly?

The main piece of kitchen equipment getting the most use…

Yes, please!

My skills as a one-armed cook continue to improve.

It's not really an impressive meal unless you can make it (and eat it) with one arm.

And the real picture you want to see…

Sweet Cheeks!

5 Responses to Tortillas and peanut butter

  1. Paige

    Oh, she is so cute! By tortillas, did you mean flour tortillas that you would use for a quesadilla or tortilla chips? I am not sure why I ask because either one sounds pretty horrible! I hope Baby Cupcake learns to whip up some meals for you soon!

  2. Cyndy

    Oh man! Completely adorable pictures!!! I will admit; I, too have resorted to tortilla PBJs. I have a couple times in true transparency. HA It has happened when I ran out of bread, but didn’t want to make a grocery run with three children 10 minutes before lunch. And oddly/disgustingly enough, C and G love them! HA Who would have thought?! wink I miss you so much…. all 5 of you!

    • alicia

      Well, if C and G think tortillas with PB are fun, I may have to add them to my regular lunch rotation. So cute.

  3. Cindy

    It is lunchtime here and I am tempted to try the tortilla/PB combo instead of PB with crackers :)

    Sweet Cheeks is so cute–growing and looking so happy!!

    ps The microwave looks fabulous!

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