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On the move

Posted by alicia on August 14, 2013

So we moved!

We moved about an hour west to Flagstaff. This means many things for us…

Our family mission was to eat everything in our pantry, fridge, and freezer before moving. Frozen sweet potato fries for breakfast? Of course! Canned black beans and rice when company is over? Why not? And then of course, there was plenty of rotisserie chicken on the menu as we packed up the place.

How many rotisserie chickens can one family eat?

We spent a day with our furniture sitting in the Penske truck in the driveway.  Baby Cupcake was a trooper…

Dining in style

Our new kitchen is getting pretty organized for some fun cooking, I hope.  Mitch is most excited about the wok burner on our stove.  I’m pretty pumped about the separate counter for our coffee maker and tea kettle (and the water not being so hard and leaving spots on all of our dishes of course). And it looks like the only casualty of the move was my ice cream bowl attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer.  Totally bummed about that but it will be too cold here for ice cream pretty soon anyway (I don’t actually believe that, by the way. It’s never too cold for ice cream. It just sounded positive.).

And now we get takeout pretty much ever other night. Getting to know the neighborhood, you know?

Since Nana is visiting us, we just made a road trip to Trader Joe’s, and I am fully stocked on nuts, rice pasta, wine, frozen fish, chicken stock, lemon curd, olive oil, and peanut butter-filled chocolate-covered pretzels.  Just the essentials.

In other news, Baby Cupcake just turned 2. And Sweet Cheeks is almost 6 months! So basically I am in a permanent daze yet still constantly think about food!

2 Responses to On the move

  1. Paige R

    Yay! I’m glad you’re back in action on the blog. Sorry about the Kitchenaid attachment, but at least you won’t freeze out your poor husband who hates cold desserts!

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