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Cheese Platter

Posted by on February 11, 2014

I’m loving our reusable snack bags for Baby Cupcake (soon Sweet Cheeks will be in on the action too!). It’s the first thing Baby Cupcake asks for in the car. Within 10 seconds, she always says, “Mama, I’m a little big hungry.” And then, “I’m still a little bit hungry.”

Baby Cupcake's the name. Snacking's the game.

Cashews. Grapes. Carrots. Love these things.

And when she’s really lucky, I cut up an apple and a few slices of cheese in this random tupperware for her.

"The Platter"

So now we hear from the backseat, “Mama, I want a cheese platter.”

Oh, don’t we all?!

Frankly I think it’s hilarious. It seems that Mitch is slightly more horrified. He sort of gets the same face as when he imagines what the girls will be like as teenagers.

Anyway, Baby Cupcake enjoyed a cheese platter as we drove through the wolf exhibit at Bearizona. It’s hard being two.

Even the bear's eyes are closed for this one.

Good times.

3 Responses to Cheese Platter

  1. Paige R

    I can’t imagine where she would have picked up on the term “cheese platter.”

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