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Grand Canyon, baby, with babies

Posted by on May 1, 2014

We ventured to the Grand Canyon with friends on Sunday. It was so much fun and such a disaster for our family.

In short, 1. the Grand Canyon is AMAZING. And 2. we ran out of food 30 minutes after leaving our house.

I still don’t know exactly how that happened since it took me half an hour to pack all their snacks. But that’s how I ended up rolling over international tourists with my stroller in search of ice cream before we even got started. Let’s just say our littlest camper was not a happy one. We were only walking around on the rim, but it seemed strange to keep walking around with Sweet Cheeks screaming. Eventually I turned back and got the truck, promising to pick Mitch up with Baby Cupcake at the end of the trail. Then on my drive to get him, I noticed a crazy man on the side of the road trying to hitch-hike with me.  And I was about to blow past him when I realized the crazy man was waving our stuffed bunny Hops around in the air. Even then, I was wondering how in the world I was going to get Hops away from crazy man when I noticed it was MY child in the backpack he was wearing. So I picked them up.  All was well when we drove through the Wendy’s drive thru at 3 PM. That was also Grand.

There's the Grand Canyon! I was so worried she was going to drop Hops in.

Smile anyway. This is the Grand Canyon, girls!

Temper tantrum on the sidewalk at the Grand Canyon. Yes, folks, those are blue leopard print pants with a ruffle.

3 Responses to Grand Canyon, baby, with babies

  1. Cyndy

    HAHAHA…. life with kids, it’s a Grand adventure! 😉 I hope you guys have great memories from the trip!

  2. Leah

    LOVE this post! Too funny!!!

  3. Paige R

    I’m sure they loved it!

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